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SoleraTec Ships Significant Upgrade to Phoenix RSM for Video Surveillance Solutions

Improved version 5.3.1 elevates Phoenix RSM to a leadership position in the video lifecycle management for video surveillance systems.

SAN DIEGO, CA. - January 19, 2010 - SoleraTec LLC, a provider of innovative digital asset storage management software solutions, has released and is now shipping a significantly upgraded version of its flagship Phoenix™ product, now version 5.3.1. This latest version improves the video lifecycle management capabilities of an over-arching forensic video surveillance management system. New version 5.3.1 features one-step centralized camera configuration, simplified camera policy management, and support for QuickTime and VLC media players. It also enables you to easily view live video feeds.

With this new version, SoleraTec has enhanced Phoenix with additional Record, Store, and Manage (RSM) capabilities. Phoenix RSM 5.3.1 is positioned squarely at the forensics video lifecycle management segment of the video surveillance market. Phoenix RSM provides an easier management solution to a video surveillance system and brings the power and capabilities of professional monitoring systems into the hands of the everyday computer user. This new version has underlying architecture enhancements that will allow for even greater usability improvements in forthcoming product releases.

Phoenix RSM offers recording, storing, and managing functionality with fast relevant searches in video surveillance environments. Featuring incrementally scalable 3-medium (hard disk, digital computer tape, and optical) online and offline multi-tier storage, Phoenix RSM provides unlimited retention as well as support for an unlimited number of cameras, servers, and users. Phoenix RSM increases video recording capacity and reliability, while dramatically extending storage capabilities and reducing costs. It allows video from all connected cameras -with or without third party VMS software- to be reviewed, investigated, and exported with powerful, easy-to-operate client tools that run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSes. Phoenix RSM extends the life of existing analog CCTV systems and delivers a future-proof surveillance video management solution. You can now manage years and decades of video footage instead of merely days or months.

Improved IP-Camera Configuration and Support
With previously announced RTSP IP-camera support, Phoenix RSM 5.3.1 now centralizes and simplifies camera configuration. In one easy to use and validated step, a user can add the RTSP URL of an IP-camera, give it a name, enable it, and test the connectivity to ensure proper setup. Once an IP-camera has been added to the system and configured, it will be seen and ready for use by all other Phoenix RSM modules. RTSP support and improved IP-camera configuration significantly increase the overall usability of the Phoenix RSM solution and enables the user to get an IP-camera online and recording quickly. Live video feeds from any camera are easily viewed from a drop down menu in various client tools.

SoleraTec has also created an online resource of RTSP URLs for RTSP-enabled IP-cameras at

Simplified Video Management through Camera Policies
Powerful camera polices in version 5.3.1 support camera assignment, video capturing, scheduling, video storage, and low-resolution companion proxy generation. Polices are also used to create an efficient multi-tiered storage environment; the user defines exactly what video will be stored, where it will be stored, where it will be migrated and/or replicated, and how long it will be retained. These management polices facilitate optimized storage utilization and video retention.

Quick Access to Live Video Feeds
Phoenix RSM version 5.3.1 now provides a quick drop-down menu in a number of the client tools for quick access to view live video feeds from cameras that have been added and configured to a surveillance network. Although Phoenix RSM is primarily a forensics-based solution, these quick access views of live video feeds allows for the user to validate the proper operation of the cameras as well as to watch live video feeds from selected cameras. Certain IP-cameras that have Pan/Tilt/Zoom capabilities can also be controlled via the Phoenix Video Viewer to change the area of interest of the camera.

With these latest enhancements, Phoenix RSM version 5.3.1 becomes the true industry leader in Video Lifecycle Management (VLM) for video surveillance. Phoenix RSM is the only solution that delivers long-term retention, utilizing various storage mediums, without ever degrading the quality of the original video feed

This easy-to-use solution provides for powerful video surveillance applications delivering the peace of mind that is needed for an organization's protection. Easily scalable and expandable, Phoenix RSM can grow as a company grows. With the ease of camera configuration, camera policy management, storage resource management, and user interaction, Phoenix RSM is the ideal solution for large and small retail, government, medical, or manufacturing companies, large and small.

Pricing and Availability
Pricing for Phoenix 5.3.1 starts at $1,495.00, and varies by configuration. Phoenix supports a variety of operating platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux as well as tape library systems, hard disk, and Blu-ray production units. For information or pricing, please call (760) 743-7200 or visit

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