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SoleraTec Releases Video Surveillance Application for Drobo Storage Family

Drobo FS and DroboPro FS units can now double as professional grade video surveillance appliance for businesses needing protection.

San Diego - October 11, 2010 - SoleraTec LLC, a provider of innovative video lifecycle management and storage software solutions, has teamed with Data Robotics, Inc., to develop a version of the Phoenix RSM surveillance video management application that runs natively on the Drobo FS or DroboPro FS file sharing systems to create a video surveillance appliance. Connecting compatible network IP cameras to the Drobo FS or DroboPro FS running Phoenix RSM, businesses can easily record, store, and manage video surveillance feeds as well as search for previously recorded video from their own computers.

Drobo FS and DroboPro FS provide straightforward, expandable, storage that allows customers the ability to "pay as you grow" with their video surveillance needs. They can increase the video retention periods by simply adding another Drobo unit to the network. With the built-in storage capacity of the Drobo family, embedding the Phoenix RSM software delivers exceptional archiving and retention capabilities for video surveillance management.

The Drobo-based video surveillance appliance is a smart alternative to other overly complex video security products. Users can easily add, move, and remove cameras as well as additional Drobo storage resources via an intuitive centralized management console. They can quickly set up a megapixel IP camera, schedule recording periods, and easily search on all recorded video from that or any camera, all within 20 minutes of installation.

"Small businesses need a cost effective way to retain video surveillance data. With Phoenix RSM and Drobo, companies can easily add additional video storage by simply plugging it into their network," said Mark Fuccio, Data Robotics' Sr. Director, Products & Markets.

Users can select from a list of hundreds of RTSP-enabled IP network cameras offering a wide selection of camera quality and resolution options. This combination of high quality IP cameras, the Phoenix RSM surveillance video management software, and the ease of the Drobo NAS family delivers professional-grade NVR capabilities to today's businesses needing security surveillance.

"What sets the Drobo systems apart is the ease of use, functionality, and scalability. The ability of Phoenix RSM to handle the centralized management of integrating video cameras, to re-order the video storage requirements based upon the available Drobo units, and to quickly and easily access all recorded video offers a compelling solution for today's demanding customer," stated Jay Jason Bartlett, Vice President of Business Development at SoleraTec.

Pricing and Availability
The Phoenix RSM application for Drobo FS and DroboPro FS will be available at the beginning of November 2010. Pricing will depend on storage capacity and configuration. Contact SoleraTec for information.

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