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SoleraTec Debuts Phoenix RSM Module to Expand OnSSI Retention and Archiving

OnSSI installations can now achieve long-term video surveillance through multi-tiered intelligent storage resource management.

SAN DIEGO, CA. - October 5th, 2010 - SoleraTec LLC, a provider of innovative video lifecycle management and storage software solutions, has released a new module of its flagship Phoenix™ RSM software greatly expanding the video management and archiving capabilities of the OnSSI's video management system. This new module -Phoenix RSM-OE™ (OnSSI Extension)- interacts directly with an OnSSI recording server to extract and replicate video feeds at high speed into Phoenix RSM, all the while maintaining the original video quality and resolution. By replicating video into the Phoenix RSM forensic storage solution, organizations can greatly expand their retention ability and provide even stronger overarching management of all recorded video.

This new capability greatly extends users' ability to quickly search and playback video footage, regardless of when the video was recorded or where it is stored. Phoenix RSM provides intelligent overarching video management that enables organizations to capture and store huge amounts of video surveillance footage that can be easily searched and retrieved for playback. Users have the option of saving the video in the same format as OnSSI or the video can be saved in an H.264 loss-less format that reduces storage requirements by 30% to 70% while still preserving original image quality. This allows users to extend the retention periods they attained with OnSSI and get more recorded video into the same storage space. These innovations enable users to realize significant cost savings.

In addition, SoleraTec's Phoenix RSM-OE recognizes and stores all of OnSSI's motion detection metadata so users can quickly and easily identify activity and determine which videos should be reviewed. When joined to an OnSSI installation, Phoenix RSM-OE can constantly record, store, and manage video feeds and motion detection levels of activity within the video. It displays a histogram that lets you see where activity has occurred and jumps straight to that point in the video.

"OnSSI is proud to work with partners who push the envelope beyond industry norms in order to help users make the most out of their systems and be more effective at their tasks," said Gadi Piran, President and CTO of OnSSI. "This is a big step forward for decreasing users' liability by increasing the retention and archiving capabilities beyond what is typical today."

Phoenix RSM-OE minimizes concern about storage limitations and allows customers to use megapixel and HD cameras they may not have been able to take advantage of previously. It enables high-resolution video feeds to be stored on lower-cost storage devices, while generating low-resolution companion files that remain on primary storage for ultra-fast search and playback.

"Users don't have to be limited to 7-day loops anymore. The teamwork of OnSSI and Phoenix RSM-OE lets any size organization benefit from cheaper, more effective, video management and storage," stated Mark Armstrong, CEO of SoleraTec. "The new Phoenix RSM-OE module builds on OnSSI's retention and archiving foundation. It also lets customers manage the entire video workflow from capture to final offline storage."

It is particularly useful for customers with campus-wide or multi-site management needs. It lets you centralize the management capabilities of multiple OnSSI servers as they all feed back to an overarching Phoenix RSM solution.

Phoenix RSM-OE multi-platform compatibility provides further cost savings. It is supported on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platforms, allows mix and match client and server combinations, and lowers the total cost of ownership of an entire video surveillance solution. The ability to use a multi-tiered storage infrastructure means that lower cost storage mediums can be incorporated -even offline media- lowering the total cost of ownership over a typical OnSSI solution even further.

Pricing and Availability
Pricing for the current version of Phoenix RSM-OE is $495.00 MSRP. Phoenix RSM storage licenses cost extra. Phoenix RSM-OE supports a variety of operating platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux as well as tape library systems, hard disk, and Blu-ray storage units. For information or pricing, please call (760) 743-7200 or visit

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About SoleraTec
Established in 1997, SoleraTec is a leading developer of archive, storage, asset and video lifecycle management software for corporate customers. SoleraTec leverages a heritage of nearly a decade and a half to deliver a level of quality, sophistication, and technological advancement that has established it as one of the premier data protection solution providers in the industry. SoleraTec works through OEM, dealer, and integrator relationships to deliver complete data protection solutions. The company was established by a team of industry veterans with experience deploying data protection, HSM, and storage lifecycle management solutions to some of the largest companies around the world. For more information, please visit