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SoleraTec Ships Significantly Upgraded Version of Phoenix RSM for Video Surveillance Market

Version 5.5 provides video lifecycle management with centralized camera and policy management, support for expanded Milestone and OnSSI retention, long-term retention support and more.

San Diego, CA. - April 6, 2011 - SoleraTec LLC, a provider of innovative video lifecycle management (VLM) and storage software solutions, has begun shipping version 5.5 of its flagship Phoenix RSM™ surveillance video management software. This upgraded version includes significant improvements that deliver greater management and improved usability. New Version 5.5 provides a "single pane of glass" management for camera configuration and video storage policy creation and assignment.

"The advances in Phoenix RSM deliver a new level of centralized management, easier implementation, and improved search results. As a forensics-based video surveillance system, we continue to deliver the best user experience and most affordable solution for searching, retrieving, and playing back months' worth of video," stated Mark Armstrong, CEO of SoleraTec LLC.

Another enhancement in Version 5.5 is the added support for Linux installations that provides significantly faster video transfers into the Phoenix RSM repository. When Phoenix RSM is used as an archive and retention expansion solution to Milestone™ or OnSSI™ systems, this Linux advantage greatly increases performance while significantly increasing the long-term retention periods.

With the new centralized management for configuring additional cameras and camera policies, Phoenix RSM can now quickly and easily assign cameras to available storage units. Phoenix RSM has always been able to quickly scale to meet the retention needs of an organization, and now it is even easier to bring on a new storage device -such as a NAS (network attached storage) unit- by simply assigning RTSP-enabled IP cameras and beginning to record. The new Camera Setup Wizard provides users with the ability to configure and add a new camera to the system in less than five minutes.

"To take advantage of the benefits of high quality HD cameras, our customers realize they need a best of breed video recording and retention system as part of the solution," stated Brian Leedy, President and General Manager of Cohu Electronics, manufacturers of IP video cameras. "Phoenix RSM delivers that and more."

Phoenix RSM's new and enhanced functionality enables powerful video lifecycle management capabilities that provide ultra-fast and highly relevant search results. With a multi-tiered storage repository that can capture increased amounts of video and retain it for longer periods of time, Phoenix RSM is the ideal product when you need to find that proverbial "needle in a haystack" video asset.

Pricing and Availability
Upgrade pricing for owners of previous versions of Phoenix RSM starts at $199. Pricing for Phoenix 5.5 starts at $1,495.00 and varies by configuration. Phoenix RSM supports over 1,000 RTSP cameras and encoders as well as a variety of operating platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Offline media support includes tape library systems, hard disk (NAS, SAN, DAS), and Blu-ray production units. For information or pricing, please call (760) 743-7200 or visit

About SoleraTec
SoleraTec is a leading developer of archive, storage, asset and video lifecycle management software for corporate customers. SoleraTec leverages a heritage of nearly a decade and a half to deliver a level of quality, sophistication, and technological advancement that has established it as one of the premier data protection solution providers in the industry. SoleraTec works through OEM, dealer, and integrator relationships to deliver complete data protection solutions. The company was established in 1997 by a team of industry veterans with experience deploying data protection, HSM, and storage lifecycle management solutions to some of the largest companies around the world. For more information, please visit