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New Sans Digital Video Surveillance Appliance Provides Long Term Retention Through Multi-Tired Storage and Support for Milestone VMS

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Orlando, FL - September 19, 2011 - Sans Digital, a leading provider of high performance storage subsystems, has released a full-line of video surveillance appliances designed to extend long-term retention and archiving needs. The Sans Digital Video Surveillance Appliance™ (SD VSA) manages a multi-tiered storage environment to deliver the most affordable retention and archiving system. Built upon Sans Digital award winning network attached storage (NAS) systems as well as incorporating offline storage sub-systems such as LTO data tape libraries, these new video surveillance appliances deliver advanced video surveillance storage management including live video capture and complete video lifecycle management.

Focusing on the record, store, and manage aspects of a forensics-based video surveillance system, Sans Digital VSA solution delivers ultra fast search and playback capability through directly attached IP-cameras or third party video management systems (VMS) such as Milestone XProtect.

Sans Digital Video Surveillance Appliance's video lifecycle management capability enables organizations to record and store vast amounts of video surveillance footage for quick and easy search and playback at later times. By communicating directly with the Milestone Server, the SD VSA system extracts video in its original quality and resolution at high speed. The SD VSA allows you to either save the extracted video in the same format as Milestone or save the video in H.264 loss-less format that reduces storage requirements by 30% to 70% without losing any video quality. Not only can you extend the retention periods of a Milestone solution, you can also get significantly more recorded video into a similar size storage unit, for additional savings.

"The Sans Digital VSA solution allows for the longest term retention periods by taking advantage of the offline retention capabilities of the Spectra Logic's T-Series data tape libraries with LTO-5 drives and media. This in turn allows for the ongoing migration of video feeds from the Sans Digital VSA device to the LTO tape library, all under constant management and ready for fast access and playback of any needed video asset," stated Patrick Claffey, VP of Video Surveillance Solutions at Spectra Logic.

The Sans Digital VSA also recognizes and stores Milestone's motion detection metadata. This provides users the ability to quickly determine which videos to review and when there is relevant activity. When coupled with Milestone XProtect installations, the Sans Digital VSA can continually record, store, and manage video feeds and motion detection levels of activity within the video. It displays a histogram that lets you see where activity has occurred and jumps straight to that point in the video.

"The synergy of the Sans Digital VSA solution to extend the retention and archiving capabilities of the Milestone XProtect product family highlights the open platform design from Milestone. Milestone is committed to working with the growing number of Milestone Solutions Partners to provide users with enhanced value in their video surveillance solutions," says Reinier Tuinzing, Distribution Manager for Milestone Systems Inc.

"By supporting the industry leading VMS from Milestone, the Sans Digital VSA provides state-of-the art complete video surveillance system via its unique multi-tier storage structure and pay as you grow storage expansion model. And by combining the Sans Digital VSA with the capabilities of the Milestone Xprotect, customers can easily manage live video recording based on user defined events or triggers providing an ultra sophisticated video recording file management system with virtually unlimited video storage expansion capability," stated by Grandy Chen, President of Sans Digital.

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