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SoleraTec And Veracity To Showcase New Affordable Long-Term Video Surveillance Retention At IFSEC Expo

This Complete Solution Highlights Veracity's Unique COLDSTORE Storage Hardware With SoleraTec's Phoenix RSM Managing Quick And Easy Search And Play Back

Birmingham, UK - IFSEC Expo, May 14, 2012 - SoleraTec LLC, a provider of innovative video lifecycle management and storage management software, has partnered with Veracity to deliver an affordable hard disk-based long-term video retention solution. Visit the Veracity booth, Hall 4 Stand G80, at the IFSEC Expo in Birmingham, UK, for a complete demonstration of this integrated solution.

The Veracity COLDSTORE solution is a unique hardware platform for the video surveillance market specifically designed for energy savings and affordable storage of online, near-line, and offline video surveillance asset management. COLDSTORE -powered by the Phoenix RSM surveillance management software- offers a new level of video retention and archive management at significant cost savings over traditional systems.

Phoenix RSM is a powerful tool which compliments Veracity's ability to archive video feeds, manage long-term retention capabilities, and deliver overall surveillance video management. Developed by SoleraTec, Phoenix RSM provides real-time video storage policy management along with multi-tier storage resource management. This managed video is stored on Veracity's COLDSTORE device for long-term retention.

"Integrating Phoenix RSM with the COLDSTORE solution provides customers with a unique and cost-effective solution that delivers on the promise of keeping all of your video for as long as you want, without breaking the corporate budget –or the monthly electric bill," said Mark Armstrong, CEO of SoleraTec.

Together, the Phoenix RSM and COLDSTORE products deliver a compelling new solution to organizations that need longer-term retention of their video surveillance feeds. The product combination enhances the capability to quickly search and playback video feeds regardless of when the video was recorded or where it is stored. The overarching video retention solution offers users an unparalleled ability to capture and store vast amounts of video surveillance footage for search and retrieval. The innovations between Phoenix RSM and COLDSTORE are evident as one realizes significant cost savings with longer video retention periods.

Alastair McLeod, managing director, Veracity UK Limited, commented "Our partnership with SoleraTec highlights another integrated solution for the COLDSTORE device that provides a unique solution for customers needing longer-term video retention at a truly affordable price. This is disruptive technology at its finest."

The two systems work perfectly together given COLDSTORE is a network attached storage array (NAS) that can store up to 45 terabytes of surveillance data across 15 disk drives, and Phoenix RSM can provide search and playback of that video data through its multi-tiered storage management capabilities. COLDSTORE has overcome traditional RAID-5 storage solution problems through its patented LAID™ and SFS™ technologies by writing data sequentially to each disk drive. A disk can be physically removed for offline storage or evidential transport, and stored video can be accessed from any computer via Veracity's DISKPLAY cradle system. Phoenix RSM can replicate and move video assets to less-expensive storage mediums, and manage the storage location of all video files.

About Veracity
Veracity has developed a family of innovative products to support pure IP-Surveillance and analogue-IP video hybrid projects. These products solve practical connectivity problems in system design and deployment. Veracity focuses on transmission, time synchronization, storage and displays solutions. It has specific expertise in enabling high bandwidth megapixel network video systems. The company has offices in the US and UK and its products are selling right across the world via direct and OEM agreements and a network of distributors.

About SoleraTec
SoleraTec is a leading developer of archive, storage, asset, and video lifecycle management software for corporate customers. SoleraTec leverages a heritage of nearly a decade and a half to deliver a level of quality, sophistication, and technological advancement that has established it as one of the premier data protection solution providers in the industry. SoleraTec works through OEM, dealer, and integrator relationships to deliver complete data protection solutions. The company was established in 1997 by a team of industry veterans with experience deploying data protection, Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM), and video lifecycle management solutions to some of the largest companies around the world. For more information, please visit