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SoleraTec announces Surveillance Video Management support for Phoenix archive management software

Phoenix SVM Reduces Long-Term Storage Costs and Provides Intelligent Search Capabilities Using Analytic Metadata and Other Video File Attributes.

San Diego, CA. - August 27th, 2008 - SoleraTec LLC today announced Phoenix SVM™ (Surveillance Video Management). SVM adds support for video surveillance content to Phoenix, SoleraTec's archive management software. Phoenix SVM reduces the costs associated with long-term surveillance video data. It manages archived surveillance data on a variety of storage media types while ensuring its security and legal viability.

Phoenix, SoleraTec's flagship product, provides protection, preservation, and management of computer data for Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and other types of operating systems. The solution is based on the Phoenix Information Repository, an active, tiered secondary-storage environment comprising a mixed set of storage resources. It also includes a suite of applications that process data into the repository, a flexible set of policies to manipulate data within the tiered repository environment, and a comprehensive search and eDiscovery engine to locate and retrieve data on demand.

The video surveillance market is experiencing the same high data-growth rates that the information technology industry has dealt with for the last decade. Current generation megapixel cameras provide high-definition video resulting in large data sets. Most surveillance systems rely on spinning hard disk for video data storage, and very few systems include the ability to move surveillance data to other, less expensive mediums while maintaining the data's legal viability. The combination of these factors makes long-term storage of surveillance video an expensive and management intensive endeavor.

"As the convergence between IT and surveillance technology continues, surveillance data is rapidly evolving into another data asset with the same long-term retention, preservation, and search-ability requirements that organizations adhere to with their governed information." Said Mark Armstrong, SoleraTec's President and CTO, "Phoenix SVM provides the time-tested protection and preservation methodology proven in the IT market but designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the surveillance industry."

Phoenix SVM automatically moves surveillance video from primary storage in DVRs and NVRs to archive storage while preserving watermarks, time codes, analytic information, and other surveillance system-provided metadata. Archived video data is continually monitored and is automatically migrated to media that provides the most cost-effective storage that meets the data's storage longevity and access-performance requirements. The solution supports a variety of storage mediums that can be spun-down and removed to offline storage.

Phoenix SVM features comprehensive search and retrieval tailored to operate on surveillance video. Search results are represented by a thumbnail picture that, when selected, launches a low-resolution proxy video created from archived video files as they are ingested into the Phoenix Information Repository. This makes it easy to positively identify a video file before it is actually retrieved from storage.

The Phoenix SVM criteria-stacking interface makes it easy to deploy highly refined search queries. Each element in the criteria stack includes:

  • a 'criteria type' definition
  • a Boolean-based 'criteria modifier'
  • a text box for the 'criteria value'

Criteria elements can be added to fully define the data required.

Most search applications allow queries on one or two criteria sets. They accommodate simple queries around file names and types. The criteria stacking interface in the Phoenix Search Application makes it easy to design highly focused search queries that return predictable results. Complex queries using criteria that includes dates and times, location, specific cameras, and incidents are easy to build with the system. As files of interest are discovered, they can be dropped into the export queue for further examination or special processing.

Phoenix SVM is available as an OEM solution--branded to OEM specifications and integrated with other hardware and software offerings.

Phoenix is priced by the amount of storage being managed. A two terabyte disk-based configuration starts at $1,990.00 (MSRP). Additional licensing is available for higher storage volumes and different storage resource types. Unlimited user licenses are provided at no cost.

Phoenix SVM will be available for evaluation by partners in September. It is scheduled for general release in Q4 of 2008.

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