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SoleraTec Ships New Phoenix RSM Version 6

New features include Export Decision Lists (XDL), RDX storage support, video tagging, and integration for ExacqVision VMS.

San Diego, CA — April 30, 2013 — SoleraTec LLC, provider of innovative video lifecycle management and storage products, has begun shipping new version 6 of its Phoenix RSM™ surveillance video management software. Phoenix RSM delivers a unique solution for affordable long-term retention needs of today's video surveillance systems. By integrating online, near-line, and offline storage devices, Phoenix RSM version 6 makes available the most efficient use of hard disk capacity along with the most economic use of offline storage such as LTO and RDX and COLDSTORE.

As organizations are demanding longer and longer retention times —coupled with the ever increasing megapixel resolution cameras— video storage management is becoming increasing complex. SoleraTec's Phoenix RSM multi-tiered storage management capabilities allow for pain-free ultra-fast video search and playback of low-resolution companion files while linking to the unaltered original video stored on offline media.

Phoenix RSM's unique storage management technology creates a connection between the low-resolution companion file on spinning disk and the offline original video, which delivers specific time-stamped video segments back to the operator within mere minutes. Phoenix RSM provides the tools necessary to "find the needle" as surveillance systems create video "haystacks." With this version of Phoenix RSM organizations can save more cameras, more resolution, more frames, for more days for less cost.

"New version 6 of Phoenix RSM delivers the video storage management capabilities that more and more customers are requiring," stated Mark Armstrong, CEO of SoleraTec. "Delivering a cost effective solution to this growing challenge is becoming key to an overall video surveillance solution. Our 15+ years of experience in multi-tiered storage management is allowing us to showcase this 'save more for less' solution," added Armstrong.

Some of the new features of Phoenix RSM version 6 include the ability to tag comments to areas of interest within the recorded video. This tagging capability allows operators to perform specific searches for comments that will display the relevant video of interest quickly. Version 6 also includes the ability to search against a user-customizable set of camera descriptors (also known as metadata) that will speed up the search function. Searching on the camera metadata or tagging notes produce more relevant search results for quicker video playback and export.

Another key feature of new Phoenix RSM Version 6 is the support for the ExacqVision VMS software. Customers of ExacqVison can now add behind-the-scenes video storage management capabilities of Phoenix RSM with multi-tiered storage management to round out an affordable long-term video retention solution.

Assisting in video investigations is the new Export Decision List feature. Instead of moving large video files between users involved in an investigation, operators can search and create a queue of video clips from a number of cameras. This list of video "pointers" can then be easily emailed to other staff members where the list quickly loads the video segments for review. This delivers significant savings on network bandwidth, time, and productivity.

New Version 6 now supports the RDX removable hard disk technology thereby offering another offline storage option. As with the already supported LTO jukebox and the Veracity COLDSTORE storage array options, RDX significantly reduces the monthly operational expense of a video surveillance storage solution.

"SD is very excited to closely partner with SoleraTec to help customers manage the enormous amount of data that HD megapixel cameras create," stated Ian Johnston, CEO of Innovative Security Designs, manufacturer of award-winning megapixel IP-cameras. "By managing this data onboard the camera, SoleraTec can effectively manage the entire video lifecycle right from the sensor itself. Customers gain the advantage of managing and extending storage capacities while reducing the total cost of the system," continued Johnston.

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