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SoleraTec Phoenix RSM Video Surveillance Management Software Now Available For Oracle Solaris 11 On SPARC

The reliability of Oracle Solaris is a vital element to large scale enterprise video surveillance environments where up-time is critical

San Diego, CA — January 6, 2015 — SoleraTec LLC, provider of innovative video lifecycle management and storage products, has released the PHOENIX RSM video surveillance management software solution for Oracle Solaris 11 operating system on the SPARC processor. Currently available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux operating systems, PHOENIX RSM now provides organizations that require uninterrupted operation of their video surveillance infrastructure with access to a high-performance and highly-reliable, secure computing platform.

Organizations that need a cost-effective integrated and professional video surveillance solution can look to SoleraTec's PHOENIX RSM, for Oracle Solaris 11. When businesses need to capture evidentiary quality video around the clock, this reliable and comprehensive video surveillance solution provides affordable real-time video monitoring and simultaneous recording for a larger number of surveillance cameras.

With the performance capabilities of the SPARC servers running Oracle Solaris 11, multiple concurrent video camera feeds can be displayed along with camera carousel (patrolling) and various live-view camera layout options. Multi-tiered storage management capabilities provide practical and economical long-term video retention for dispute resolution, detailed evidence collection for crime investigations, and improved risk management.

Correctional facilities, airports, hospitals, and critical infrastructure facilities are just some of the organizations that rely upon always-on video surveillance infrastructure. With SoleraTec's release of PHOENIX RSM video management software for Oracle Solaris 11, operators can have the peace of mind that their systems are always on guard.

Customers can also benefit from Oracle Solaris' superior lifecycle management capabilities with secure end-to-end provisioning, rapid application deployment, and a comprehensive compliance framework. Oracle Solaris 11 also provides robust security features while helping to increase productivity, reduce human error, and reduce IT cost.

"Video surveillance has become an all-important operation that —in many installations— cannot tolerate downtime. As a result, customers are demanding a solution that will provide the highest level of up-time possible," stated Mark Armstrong, CEO of SoleraTec. "We believe that Oracle Solaris 11 provides impressive video lifecycle management and security capabilities in addition to excellent reliability. This gives customers a new level of assurance in their system's continual operation to protect their assets."

With PHOENIX RSM for Oracle Solaris 11, customers can now take advantage of the performance of Oracle's SPARC processors, as well as the proven security and reliability features of Oracle's SPARC T-Series, M-Series, and Fujitsu M10 servers, to create a robust solution for video surveillance applications. With Oracle Solaris 11, there is also tight integration with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances, which adds additional performance and reliability benefits.

"We are pleased that SoleraTec has embraced the Oracle Solaris 11 operating system for their video surveillance management software," stated Markus Flierl, Vice President, Oracle Solaris. "The functionality of a robust video surveillance management software solution built for the reliability and stability that Oracle Solaris and SPARC servers bring to market, delivers a compelling solution for enterprise organizations."

For video capacity planners, PHOENIX RSM for the Oracle Solaris 11 solution provides network visibility that is useful in monitoring the overall performance of the video infrastructure. The ability to review the overall TCP bandwidth used for a given period enables administrators to detect potential video camera bottlenecks. The flexibility of Oracle's SPARC T-Series, M-Series, and Fujitsu M10 servers facilitate dynamic scalability.

"The Fujitsu M10 server with Oracle Solaris 11 provides the level of reliability and enterprise management that organizations such as prisons, police departments, sea ports, airports, and transportation systems rely on," stated Masaya Nakahara, Executive Vice President, Fujitsu. "The Fujitsu M10 Server with the PHOENIX RSM video management solution creates a compelling solution as video surveillance becomes an essential asset."

"We are excited about being selected by SoleraTec to sell its Phoenix RSM video surveillance solution for Solaris to the Canadian marketplace. We are impressed by its superior functionality and management capabilities in being able to capture, store, retrieve, and manage high quality, high resolution videos while delivering compelling cost and operational benefits to our customers," stated Gerald Preziuso, President, Consolidex Solutions Inc..

Pricing and Availability SoleraTec will begin shipping the PHOENIX RSM build for Oracle Solaris 11 in January 2015 with pricing remaining consistent with the current Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux price structure.

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