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SoleraTec Announces Integrated Support for RTP/RTSP in Latest Version Of Phoenix for Standalone Forensic Video Surveillance

Includes support for direct ingest of IP-based camera feeds, extended analytic metadata capture, automatic low-res proxy creation, and unlimited video file retention through multi-tiered storage.

SAN DIEGO, CA.- April 27, 2009 - SoleraTec LLC, a provider of innovative digital asset management and storage software solutions, has incorporated support for the Realtime Transport Protocol (RTP) and Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) that allows for the direct video feed capture of IP-based video surveillance cameras. New version 5.2 of the Phoenix™ Surveillance Video Manager™ (SVM) sets a new industry standard for supporting the needs of the growing forensics-based video surveillance market. Phoenix SVM can utilize the RTP and RTSP protocols to directly ingest, manage, and store IP-based video camera feeds. This capability enables the recording and playback of live video generated from supported cameras. This functionality also provides for a low cost forensic approach to video surveillance and eliminates specific requirements for dedicated video management system software.

Where the video surveillance industry has routinely been forced to accept 7-day, 14-day, or maybe even 30-days worth of video surveillance file retention storage, Phoenix SVM, through its multi-tiered storage management capabilities, gives you peace of mind in setting your video file retention policy, whether it be 30-day, 180-day, 1-year, or unlimited. Phoenix offers flexible choices in utilizing all available storage resources across a corporate network. This extends retention capabilities and enables users to create solutions based on their unique data protection requirements.

This latest, analytics aware, version of Phoenix SVM preserves all generated analytic events and alarms as metadata, which is used as needed to perform very fast search, view, and retrieve operations. Through sophisticated file security and tracking capabilities and video watermarking, Phoenix SVM provides for complete 'Chain of Custody' management. It provides users with the knowledge that video segments or 'clips' obtained from high-resolution originals have not been altered.

Phoenix is unique in its ability to provide a file-based search and retrieval interface as well as the Surveillance Video Manager™ interface that enables the user to actually play video surveillance files without first needing to retrieve original hi-res assets from storage. When Phoenix SVM ingests files, it automatically creates low-resolution proxy files for fast search and view. Once a desired video asset has been selected, clipped, and marked for export, the new, user-configurable 'extended export' functionality enables the user to export needed data in a variety of ways, such as FTP, email, and local file systems.

When working side-by-side with other video management systems, such as Milestone and OnSSI, and utilizing an organization's multi-tiered storage resources, Phoenix enables the very long-term retention of video surveillance files. Even if video assets are moved off-line to long-term storage, such as optical media (Blu-Ray) or a computer digital tape library (LTO, SDLT, VXA, etc), Phoenix constantly manages these files for quick search and retrieval.

Pricing and Availability Pricing for Phoenix 5.2 starts at $996.00, and varies by configuration. Phoenix supports a variety of operating platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux as well as tape library systems, hard disk, and Blu-Ray/DVD production units. For information or pricing, please call (760) 743-7200 or visit

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