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SoleraTec Establishes Top Tier North American Manufacturer's Representative Sales Network

Signing of Premier Manufacturer's Reps Reinforces SoleraTec's Position as the Leading Provider of Digital Video Asset Management Solutions for the Video Surveillance Market.

San Diego County, CA - October 28, 2009 - SoleraTec LLC, a provider of innovative digital asset management and storage software solutions, has established its North American manufacturer's representatives network with the signing of many of the top tier surveillance and security manufacturer's representatives in the United States. To date, SoleraTec is pleased to announce that it will be represented in North America by F. M. Valenti, Inc., Johnston Sales, ASR Enterprises, Inc., CV Reps, Murphy & Cota, and R.W. Kunz & Associates. SoleraTec is working on building out its international network of partners in the coming months.

SoleraTec's Phoenix™ RSM digital video surveillance management solution efficiently and effectively records, stores, and manages the continually growing pool of video surveillance data-files that organizations have to manage. Phoenix RSM provides unlimited data retention, robust search and retrieve capabilities, and takes advantage of analytics-produced metadata for additional relevant search results. Working with camera manufacturers that support the standards based RTP/RTSP protocol, Phoenix RSM is able to directly capture camera video feeds and continually manage and migrate captured video files within an organization's storage infrastructure.

Phoenix RSM utilizes configurable policies to migrate and replicate surveillance video data in its entirety -with all of its frames in tact and without losing any of its searchable attributes- onto secondary storage resources within a company network. By maintaining surveillance data on progressively less expensive media, including offline media such as Blu-ray optical and LTO digital tape, Phoenix supports significant retention periods and fully preserves data on a lower per-megabyte cost over time.

"It's an excellent synergistic partnership," said Chuck Gorley, CEO of CV Reps, of Santa Clara, CA. "SoleraTec produces a video surveillance asset management solution that fits in so well with many of our other product lines. We are excited to be working with SoleraTec to help deliver the next generation of surveillance systems. Our customers will find it to be a great complement to their video surveillance system needs," Mr. Gorley continued.

"There is a significant demand for IP-based video surveillance management solutions, and our Phoenix solution is ideally suited to the management and control of these rapidly growing digital assets," said Mark Armstrong president and CEO at SoleraTec. "By teaming with experienced and industry-knowledgeable manufacturer's representatives like these, SoleraTec can be assured that our solutions will reach the best security dealers and integrators within the market."

"Phoenix is an exciting product that will greatly aid companies that deal with the growing amount of video being generated and stored in their organizations," stated Steve Johnston, Managing Partner of Johnston Sales in Clawson, MI. 'SoleraTec produces a video surveillance asset management solution that meets the need to catalog large amounts of video data and to utilize that stored and managed video in a way that many of our customers have been wanting for some time. We are excited to be working with SoleraTec and the Phoenix surveillance management solution,' Mr. Johnston continued.

SoleraTec will be teaming with these regional manufacturer's representatives to work with local video surveillance dealers and integrators in incorporating the Phoenix software into complete video surveillance solutions.

About CV Reps
Territory of Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii

Established in 2001, CV REPS is a professional manufacturer's representation firm specializing in the marketing and sales of advanced security technology solutions. CV Reps, based out of Santa Clara, CA, is a manufacturer's representative for IP video surveillance and security solutions. CV Reps has secured its place within the industry through its commitment to providing cutting edge technology and excellent service to its customers. This includes training, technical education and ongoing support for security consultants, integrators and distributors within their territory. Their extensive network of manufacturers, consultants, dealers, contractors, integrators and distributors, gives them the unique ability to provide comprehensive solutions to the markets and manufacturers they serve.

About F. M. Valenti, Inc.
Territory of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey

F. M. Valenti, Inc. (FMV) was established in 1967 by Francis Michael Valenti to serve both the Audio-Visual and Security marketplaces. FMV has successfully gained a reputation as a premier manufacturer's representative firm in the northeastern United States. With a strong infrastructure, this 14-person organization delivers quality product lines to their established dealer and integrator network.

About Johnston Sales LLC
Territory of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania

Johnston Sales is an award winning regional manufacturer representative firm. Steve Johnston, Managing Partner, leads a team of technical sales and support associates that bring together IT capability tempered with a physical and electronic security background. Johnston Sales will assist owners and systems integrators in designing and implementing the Phoenix Video Asset Management system.

About R.W. Kunz & Associates
Territory of Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and Southern Illinois

Manufacturer's Representatives for over 25 years serving the electronics industry and demonstrating sales excellence. R. W. KUNZ & ASSOCIATES strives to be the acknowledged leading electronics professional outsourcing sales company throughout the Midwest. They will apply fair and ethical business practices in exceeding all customer and principal expectations for sales, service and responsiveness.

About Murphy & Cota
Territory of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina

Murphy & Cota is a manufacturer's representative firm specializing in the CCTV and Commercial Audio industries. They are headquartered in the Atlanta metro area with branch offices in the Carolinas and Western Tennessee. These strategic locations ensure proper coverage for their customers. They are very pleased to be able to offer high quality products and some of the best customer service our industry has experienced. The original M&C was founded in 1924 by Mr. Murphy and Mr. Cota, Sr. At that time the firm was in the business of marketing electronic parts to wholesale distributors. The firm evolved throughout the years to become more systems oriented, servicing companies at the distributor and integrator levels.

About ASR Enterprises, Inc.
Territory of Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania

ASR Enterprises LTD, originally founded in 1972, was founded to provide the best possible local Manufacturer support to local Audio and Video dealers and integrators. Even back in 1972, ASR was at the forefront of providing more than 'just a spec sheet and a cup of coffee.' When Pat Foley purchased the company in early 1995 and renamed it ASR Enterprises Inc., he began to transform the company into a Representative Firm that specialized in not only Commercial Audio Visual Systems, but other Related Markets- such as Security Intercom, Nurse Call and other Technical Products. Brian Griswold was brought into the company as Junior Partner in 1997 and solidified ASR's Technical Resume within both the Physical Security and Audio Visual Markets. Today ASR is positioned as a technical leader within the Markets the company serves, but especially as pertains to Advanced IP Products.

About SoleraTec
SoleraTec is a leading developer of archive, storage, and digital video asset management software for corporate customers. SoleraTec leverages a heritage of nearly a decade and a half to deliver a level of quality, sophistication, and technological advancement that has established it as one of the premier data protection solution providers in the industry. SoleraTec works through OEM relationships with hardware, software, and technology integrators to deliver complete data protection solutions and also provides its technology on a private labeled basis. The company was established in 1997 by a team of industry veterans with experience deploying data protection, HSM, and storage management solutions to some of the largest companies around the world. The company is privately held and headquartered in San Diego County, California. For more information, please visit