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In Depth

Phoenix DEM™ is designed to securely store, manage, and export any amount of digital evidence - large or small - while always remaining simple and easy to use.

   Body-Worn Camera Integration
Simply place the body camera on the docking station and video will automatically be transferred to the information repository for later retrieval.

   Manage Digital Evidence
All evidence is in one repository and easy for investigators and prosecutors to access and “make the case.”

   SmartDak™ Video Redaction
Built-in SmartDak™ Video Redaction will automatically redact any faces in a selected video. Easily switch to manual mode to blur other objects in the video as well.

Authorized users can securely store and then access digital evidence from any network-connected computer.

   Manage Video from a Variety of Sources
Phoenix DEM allows for the searching of all content including audio and video files and can organize the digital evidence by case number, officer name, or other identifier.

   Utilize Existing Storage Assets
Migrate and replicate your video files to take advantage of all the storage media available throughout your organization with multi-tiered – including offline – storage management.

   Low-Resolution Companion Files
Low-resolution companion files minimize the need to access the high-quality original video until specifically required.

   Extensive Metadata
Perform content-based search queries against event metadata that is archived by the customer-extendable Phoenix DEM Metadata capabilities.

   Create Log Entries for Video
Video-associated log entries for specific clips allows a user to add and save notes about the content of the video that is being viewed.

   Short and Long-Term Retention
Don't overwrite or lose your video. Get 90-day, 180-day, and even longer-term retention, along with low-res companion files.

   Export Segment Clips
Mark start and stop points to create video segment "clips" for quick and easy export.

   Manage All Forms of Digital Media and Documents
Easily manage video, audio, images, Script files, Word, PDF, Excel, etc.

Supports a mix of machines running Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

   Maintain Integrity of Digital Evidence
The architecture and design of Phoenix DEM conforms to the SWGIT Section 13 for best practices for maintaining digital audio, images, and video.


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