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Digital Evidence Management Software with Body Camera

Digital Evidence Management

A cost-effective solution for law enforcement.

With a growing digital era comes the need to securely store the thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of digital evidence files accumulated by an agency annually. From body camera video, images taken on scene, audio recordings, interrogation room audio/video recordings, and surveillance footage, the types of evidence that each law enforement agency deals with is quickly growing. It only makes sense to keep all of this digital evidence in one powerful solution: Phoenix DEM.

By keeping your evidence in one secure system, Phoenix DEM lets you quickly find, redact using intelligent SmartDak™ redaction, and export video to share which will decrease the amount of time currently spent retrieving evidence. Phoenix DEM authenticates file integrity on upload, provides a full set of metadata tags for searches and review, and provides management tools to control file access throughout the file's entire lifecycle. Keeping evidence for years will no longer be a struggle. This system makes it easy for investigators and prosecutors to make the case by presenting all digital evidence in one place using one user-friendly interface.

SmartKam™ Body Cameras

The smart way to capture the truth.

Full integration with the SmartKam™ body cameras makes Phoenix DEM an even more powerful and versatile solution. An agency can easily configure and control all settings for the camera, including up to 2 minutes of pre-record, through the Phoenix DEM interface. With enough battery life for 10 hours of HD recording plus a removable battery for a quick switch, each agency can rest assured that the truth will be captured as an event unfolds. The SmartKam will record for hours and then quickly upload the recorded video into Phoenix DEM once placed in the charging dock at the end of shift.

How do we do it?

The Phoenix Information Repository - an efficient, structured, searchable environment for managing and storing online, near-line, and offline digital assets.

Information Lifecycle Management - utilize user-defined policies to seamlessly move and manage digital assets.

Ingest - locate and identify digital assets that match policy criteria and move or replicate them.

Powerful Search Tools - find and retrieve digital assets from across the enterprise.

Effective and Efficient System Management - a system that is infinitely scalable and based on a distributed, federated architecture.


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