Ingest and Video Capture

Ingest and video capture tools are supported by client applications that locate and identify digital assets that match criteria defined in policies and move or copy it into the Information Repository where it is managed and protected.

Ingest Tools

Data Replicator - A backup application that meets the needs of today's demanding computing environments. The application may be used manually or configured to operate automatically and unattended.

Data Mover - A component that moves targeted data into the Information Repository based on specified parameters. Once it is determined that the data is safely in the Information Repository, the network original instance of the data is deleted from the system.

Video Feed Capture - A component that enables Phoenix RSM™ to capture video feeds directly from RSTP enabled IP cameras.

File system Space Manager - Working in conjunction with the Data Mover, this application monitors the data in the user's file systems. Based on size, age, space, and other user-defined parameters, it moves data to the Information Repository and collapses the network original into a small placeholder. Data represented by the placeholder is retrieved transparently as it is required by a user or application. Additional policies purge network resident data according to user-defined parameters.

Benefits provided by Phoenix Ingest Tools

  • Reliable, unattended data protection
  • Easy policy creation and deployment
  • Flexible, intuitive data manipulation
  • Optimization of file system space
  • Automatic elimination of eligible data
  • Single instance data storage
  • Maximum data throughput performance