Phoenix Thunderbird™

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Surveillance Video Appliance and Solution

SoleraTec's Phoenix Thunderbird™ family of surveillance video appliances is built for organizations needing a professional-grade surveillance video appliance to manage multiple network IP cameras while providing scalable video retention. These affordable digital network surveillance systems are designed to simplify the surveillance recording needs of today's businesses. From jewelry stores, to convenience stores, to retail malls, to university campuses, the SoleraTec Phoenix Thunderbird surveillance video appliances can grow with your business and provide peace of mind with complete Chain of Custody.

This self-contained solution with built-in disk storage is powered by SoleraTec's Phoenix RSM™ surveillance video management software. The Phoenix Thunderbird family requires no additional third-party software while providing simultaneous live viewing and recording of network IP camera feeds and all necessary video storage management in a single appliance.

The Phoenix Thunderbird cross-platform ability to work in mixed Mac and PC environments allows for overarching management of all video assets while providing easy search and video playback to all users.

Unlike competitive products, the Phoenix Thunderbird Plug-and-Play appliance is a complete solution delivering scalable video retention.

At a Glance:  Phoenix Thunderbird

  • Complete Surveillance Video Management Solution: Plug-And-Play Solution
  • Provides Fully Managed Mulit-Tiered Storage
  • Low-Resolution Companion Files
  • Ultrafast Search and Playback
  • Extensive Metadata
  • Export Segment Clips
  • Short- and Long-Term Retention
  • High-Quality Video
  • Create Log Entries for Video
  • RTSP Camera Support
  • Live Viewing of Cameras
  • Extend Milestone, OnSSI, and Exacq
  • Multiplatform
  • Preserve Chain of Custody
  • Save Money

  • Phoenix Thunderbird 1100

    • 4 camera solution
    • 2TB storage capacity

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  • Phoenix Thunderbird 3100

    • 12 camera solution
    • 4TB storage capacity

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  • Phoenix Thunderbird 4100

    • 12 camera solution
    • 4TB storage capacity

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  • Phoenix Thunderbird 8300

    • 24 camera solution
    • 14TB storage capacity

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