Phoenix RSM-ME™

Expand Milestone's Archiving And Retention Capabilities

Phoenix RSM-ME (Milestone Extension) is a powerful tool to expand Milestone XProtect's ability to archive, manage the long-term retention capabilities, and deliver overall surveillance video management. Developed by SoleraTec, a Milestone Solutions Partner, Phoenix RSM-ME provides real-time storage policy management along with multi-tier storage resource management to mine captured video from a Milestone XProtect Recording Server Database.

Phoenix RSM's video lifecycle management capabilities enable organizations to significantly increase the video recording capacity —while managing the overall archive schedules— and store vast amounts of surveillance video footage for quick and easy search and playback at later times. By communicating directly with the Milestone Server, Phoenix RSM-ME extracts video in its original quality and resolution at high speed. Phoenix RSM-ME allows you to either save the extracted video in the same format as Milestone or save video in H.264 loss-less format [ Read about H.264 loss-less format here. ] that reduces storage requirements by 30% to 70% without losing any video quality. Not only can you extend the archive and retention periods of a Milestone solution, you can also get significantly more recorded video into a similar size storage unit for additional savings.

Get More Out of Milestone

Because Milestone does not manage removable storage media such as Blu-ray, LTO-5 1.5 Terabyte, or LTO-6 2.5 Terabyte digital computer data tape, there are limitations on the archive and retention capacity from a Milestone recording server. Fortunately, Phoenix RSM manages online, near-line, and offline storage resources —such as NAS, SAN, DAS, Blu-ray, and LTO— and makes all of your video assets searchable and viewable. Phoenix RSM also integrates directly with the Rimage Blu-ray burner for quick, easy export of selected video clips.

Phoenix RSM-ME lets you minimize or completely eliminate a Milestone Archive. It performs and extends all archive and data management functions for longer-term retention. You simply set up and run the Milestone Recording Server, and allow Phoenix RSM-ME to do the rest. Allowing Phoenix RSM to manage archive schedules and primary storage recording capacity, it can handle all of your video data migration, replication, retention, and archiving needs.

Store More For Less

Phoenix RSM-ME handles all of your video data migration, replication, and archiving needs delivering more recorded video, more frames-per-second recording, more resolution, and more retention —all at a lower cost. Phoenix RSM-ME lets you minimize or completely eliminate additional Milestone archiving. This allows Phoenix RSM-ME to perform and extend all archiving and data management functions for longer-term retention. Take advantage of all the features and capabilities of the Milestone VMS and let Phoenix RSM-ME do the rest.

Find the Needle in the Haystack

Phoenix RSM's metadata capabilities let you annotate the captured video so you can perform relevant, targeted searches at a later date. This customizable metadata goes way beyond just date and camera ID; you can search on an extensive list of criteria and identifiers to get more relevant search results and faster access to needed video.

Extracting Milestone captured video with Phoenix RSM-ME generates low-resolution companion files on the fly. These companion files use just a fraction of the storage space the high-resolution originals require. These low-resolution companion files can remain on primary storage for a long period of time, while the high-resolution originals are migrated off to long-term storage. This allows for fast playback of video.

Phoenix RSM-ME uses intelligent storage management. All of your surveillance video data is readily searchable and viewable within Phoenix RSM-ME using the low-resolution companion files, regardless of the storage media location of the high-resolution original.

If video segments are needed for further review by law enforcement or legal staff, Phoenix RSM-ME exports a forensic copy of the unaltered, untouched, higher-resolution original video. For video contained on offline storage media, Phoenix RSM-ME indicates which offline media is needed and requests that it be reloaded.

Chain of Custody is strictly maintained by a trusted process that includes Phoenix RSM-ME digital fingerprinting.

This intelligent surveillance video management approach significantly reduces the time it takes to search for video of interest, play it back for review, select a segment (or "clip"), and export it for review by interested parties.

Phoenix RSM-ME quickly and easily exports video segments into industry standard formats for playback on the most popular computing platforms.

Reduce Unwanted Data Loss

Frequent, well-timed replication of captured video from Milestone to Phoenix RSM-ME also reduces the risk of video loss resulting from a data corruption or hard-disk failure.

In addition, while Milestone does not provide automatic data migration to various storage tiers within an entire company, Phoenix RSM-ME is a policy and rules based system that easily migrates and replicates surveillance video data from one storage resource to another, even when those storage resources are driven by Windows, Linux, or Macintosh platforms. Having a choice of multiple OS platforms for Milestone integration delivers additional opportunities for cost savings. Phoenix RSM-ME is supported on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platforms for a lower total cost of ownership of an entire surveillance video solution. Implementing a multi-tiered storage infrastructure allows lower cost storage mediums to be employed —even offline media— lowering the total cost of ownership even further over a generic Milestone solution.

Megapixel and HD cameras can now be used without distress over storage limitations. The Phoenix RSM-ME solution allows high-resolution video feeds to be stored on lower-cost storage devices while Phoenix-generated low-resolution companion files remain on primary storage for ultrafast search and video playback.

Phoenix RSM-ME is ideal in situations where customers need replication, redundancy, and migration because of multi-site or campus-wide management considerations. It lets you centralize the management capabilities of multiple XProtect "islands" as they all feed back to an overarching Phoenix RSM solution.

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