Surveillance IP Camera RTSP URLs

Video file storage management (Video Lifecycle Management) is arguably the most critical element in a modern surveillance video solution and RTSP-enabled IP cameras are an important component of that management. RTSP provides unprecedented ease of implementation and has been embraced by nearly every mainstream IP camera manufacturer in the market. These IP camera manufacturers include Arecont Vision, Axis, Basler, Panasonic, Sanyo, Siemens, Sony, Vivotek, Zavio, and hundreds more.

Phoenix RSM™ has incorporated support for the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) and Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) that allows for the direct video feed capture from network surveillance video IP cameras.

Since RTSP URLs are not standardized, we help IP camera manufacturers support end users by providing this below table of IP Camera manufacturers' RTSP URL addresses. We hope this helps you learn how to use RTSP URLs with products such as Phoenix RSM™, Phoenix LVE™, as well as QuickTime, and VLC.

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Truen Camera RTSP URLs

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Company Model
1. Truen TCAM-230
2. Truen TCAM-230N
3. Truen TCAM-251
4. Truen TCAM-270H
5. Truen TCAM-270L
6. Truen TCAM-270M
7. Truen TCAM-330
8. Truen TCAM-330W
9. Truen TCAM-33O
10. Truen TCAM-351
11. Truen TCAM-351IR
12. Truen TCAM-370
13. Truen TCAM-370-X10
14. Truen TCAM-370-X26
15. Truen TCAM-370-X27
16. Truen TCAM-370-X33
17. Truen TCAM-370-X36
18. Truen TCAM-370-X37
19. Truen TCAM-530
20. Truen TCAM-531
21. Truen TCAM-5310
22. Truen TCAM-531BIR
23. Truen TCAM-531IR
24. Truen TCAM-532
25. Truen TCAM-5320
26. Truen TCAM-540
27. Truen TCAM-540-X10S
28. Truen TCAM-540-X18H
29. Truen TCAM-540-X20S
30. Truen TCAM-551
31. Truen TCAM-5510
32. Truen TCAM-551IR
33. Truen TCAM-5520
34. Truen TCAM-570
35. Truen TCAM-570-X10S
36. Truen TCAM-570-X18H
37. Truen TCAM-570-X20S
38. Truen TCAM-570B
39. Truen TCAM-630
40. Truen TCAM-6300
41. Truen TCAM-6500
42. Truen TCAM-730
43. Truen TCAM-7300

Note: Camera information is provided by the camera manufacturer. Some information may be missing or incorrect.

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